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Romania Travel Portrait Photography Documentary Portraiture Portrait of a shepherd at Bran Transylvania Romania


This collection of travel, portrait and landscape photography from Romania has been captured over two visits to the country curating itineraries for two photography holidays. The first is a spring photography holiday to photograph landscapes, castles and local life portraits in Transylvania. You can see a full write up of that trip here. The second photography holiday runs over new year to capture the bizarre bear carolling traditions and photograph winter landscapes. While Bucharest, the capital city, feels modern and lively, other regions feel someone hit the pause button 50 years ago. Life has a wonderfully relaxed pace, the people are joyous and the landscape is untouched. I even managed to find some great subjects such as the traditional hay stacks that were perfect for my 6 minute exposure project.

The two trips took in the Transylvania, Maramures and Bucovina Regions. The Carpathian Mountains and Transylvanian castles were magical at dawn and dusk, and the people in Maramures were fascinatingly forthcoming with stories and insight into their region. Days were spent wandering through villages, chatting to locals via my fantastic local guide Daniel (who is the local guide on the photography holiday too). The most exciting thing about photography in Romania is not knowing what is happening around the next corner. I stumbled across shepherds herding their flocks of sheep, women spinning wool and a local traditional clothes festival.

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