Latest Post: "Individuals" - Maasai Mara Wildlife Photography Exhibition in London

Karibu Nyumbani

“Karibu Nyumbani”, translates as “Welcome to my Home” in Swahili. I shot and produced this film to accompany my recent wildlife photography exhibition, 'Individuals', which focused on wildlife photography from the Maasai Mara in Kenya. One thing that really struck me during my time in the Maasai Mara was the immense pride, knowledge, and love for wildlife that all the guides have. The film aims to convey this passion, and has been written with input from one of the guides, George Osono, who completely embodies this spirit of caring for nature.

Through this film, you meet Half Tail, Lola's cubs and the other Lions of the iconic Marsh Pride, Kweli the Cheetah and her three adorable cubs as they prepare for adulthood, and the impressive elephant named Edwin. This film is meant as a portrait of the animals of the Maasai Mara and their remarkable lives.

Start Small, Start Now: Hong Kong’s Plastic Story - Commissioned Documentary from Single Use Plastic Charity

Shot over 10 days in March 2018, “Start Small, Start Now: Hong Kong’s Plastic Story” was produced on commission for EcoDrive, a non-profit organisation creating progressive action toward reduction of single-use plastics in Hong Kong. Watch to discover the shocking consequences of plastic pollution in Hong Kong, and learn how you can contribute to the solution.

“Featuring stunning drone videography and inspirational interviews with local activists, it’s a film that definitely makes you want to take action” – Hong Kong Tatler

More of Matthew's featured commissions can be seen here.

Waking Up To Lockdown - Personal Project

On 5 November, we woke up to Lockdown 2.0. The night before, with the forecast suggesting thick fog in central London, I knew it presented a moment in time that needed to be captured. A one off event that should be recorded for its beauty as well as the hardship that was causing.

While everything ground to a halt yet again, this film aimed to also remind people that London, like everywhere else, was going nowhere and was waiting for us all on the other side of this pandemic. It is only temporary.

Cotswolds Club Golf Course, Hotel & Spa - Promotional Film

This promotional film was produced on commission for Cotswolds Club Golf Course, Hotel & Spa. As part of the package, Matthew also produced drone flyover videos of all 18 holes, tutorial videos of the golf pro teaching on the course, and lifestyle photography of people using the course and facilities. More of Matthew's featured commissions can be seen here.

Photo Escapes YouTube Channel Showreel

Here I present to you the showreel of my YouTube channel, 'Photo Escapes'. Through cinematic behind-the-scenes films, I share my photographic adventures around the world, offering advice and tips on travel photography, giving an insight into the mind of a working travel photographer, and simply providing a big dose of escapism!

Grand Design Blinds - Commercial Video of Tamworth Assembly Rooms Project

This film was produced for Grand Design Blinds for use on their website to illustrate one of their portfolio projects. Full information on the commission can be found here, or more of Matthew's featured work can be seen here.

Ways to Work - Personal Project Adventure Film

The story of a man wasting his life commuting, desperate to find more time for adventure.

Does commuting into the city have to be something to dread? Or can it be an opportunity for a daily microadventure? Fred takes a week to find out if he can break the shackles of the London Underground and turn the worst bit his day into something he can look forward to!

Fred is your average city worker. He works 9-5 and spends a total of 480 hours, or 20 days per year commuting. After a typically dull Monday morning commute, he decides things have to change. He commutes by cycling, running, kayaking and hitchhiking, some of which are more enjoyable and practical that others.

The film is a personal project, with enormous thanks also going to Fred Newton (owner of My Adventure Hub) for agreeing to be a part of it!

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