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Romania Photography Holiday - Travel, Portrait and Landscape Photography


This five day Romania photography holiday offers the opportunity to learn travel, portrait and landscape photography while exploring the stunning countryside of Transylvania. As well as planned stops to learn landscape photography near Bran Castle, meet glass makers and a gypsy coppersmith factory and photograph shepherds herding their flocks in the Carpathian Mountains, I leave plenty of time for impromptu photography sessions too. The most exciting thing about photography in Romania is not knowing what you are going to find around the next corner. Some of the best moments are simply wondering through villages, meeting and chatting to locals (translated by our fantastic local guide). These encounters invariably end in amusing stories, insights into the Romanian culture and intimate portrait opportunities.

This Romania photography holiday is all about getting out there and taking LOTS of photos, practising and experimenting with newly learned techniques, tips and tricks in front of exciting subjects. By the end of the trip, you will feel confident about both technical and creative aspects of photography. You will further your photographic eye, develop a proactive photography mindset, allowing you to capture eye-catching and emotive photographs when traveling in the future.

When we are not out and about, I will provide feedback on photos taken during the day, as well as offering tutorials on editing, lightroom, organisation and output of images.

Romania is a fascinating country, offering a wonderful combination of both people and landscape photography that will ensure you return with a beautiful portfolio of images.

You can explore more of my favourite photos of Romania here.

Transylvania, Romania
5 days
8 people max.
Beginner to Advanced
  • Learn landscape photography at sunrise in the Carpathian Mountains
  • Capture intimate portraits while getting to know a gypsy coppersmith family
  • Meet and photograph local shepherds tending to their sheep in Transylvania
  • Master blue hour and night photography in the medieval city of Sibiu
  • Photograph Biertan Fortified Church, a 500 year old hill-top Saxon building at sunrise
  • Visit the lavish Ceausescu Palace, one of the largest buildings in the world
  • Visit Bran Castle (Dracula’s Castle) and capture it’s mystery in the middle of the forest, dwarfed by the surrounding mountains
  • Learn to edit and use lightroom
  • The unknown. As we drive around Transylvania, we make lots of unplanned stops for portrait and landscape photography as we find interesting subjects and scenes.

Romania (and in this case, Transylvania) is the perfect location for a photography holiday because of the variety of subjects on offer, which we are able to cover in just a few days due to their proximity to each other. The Carpathian Mountains and Transylvanian castles at dawn and dusk are envy-inducing locations to master landscape photography, and during the day there are fascinating portraits to be taken of the endless crafts and traditional ways of life. Meanwhile, the medieval cities are ideal for experimenting with blue hour and architectural photography.

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