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Madagascar Wildlife Photography Red Panther Chameleon Furcifer pardalis endemic to Madagascar 2


This collection of landscape photography and wildlife photography from Madagascar has been produced from two trips, scouting and subsequently running a photography holiday to Madagascar. You can see a full write up of the trip here.

I am totally blown away by the abundance of wildlife in Madagascar, the beauty of the varied landscape and the radiant smiles from the people. The fact that the Baobab trees offered the perfect opportunity to capture a shot for my 6 minute exposure project, was a bonus!

Madagascar is predominately known for its wildlife, and it is easy to see why. The highlights for me were hiking into Isalo National Park to observe lemurs, an incredible encounter with a conspiracy of Milne-Edwards Sifakas in Ranomafana National Park and photographing chameleons in Andasibe. What also makes Madagascar so enjoyable is that wildlife photography is only a part of the experience. The rice paddies are stunning, the rock formations and canyons in Isalo are bizarre and the beach at Ifaty is pristine and peaceful.

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