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Photography Workshops & Holidays

Put simply, my photography workshops and holidays are about getting out there, immersing yourself in photography and having fun with your camera alongside other like-minded people. Tutorials are in the field, where you are encouraged to experiment with newly learned photography techniques to create eye-catching photos of interesting subjects!

You will always receive plenty of 1 to 1 time, even on a group workshop, ensuring you master the controls of your camera. We work towards furthering your photographic eye and developing a proactive photography mindset. You will leave feeling confident about both the technical and creative aspects of photography, taking away skills that will allow you to capture unique and interesting images wherever and whenever you are photographing in the future!

Group London Photography Workshops

Take your photography to the next level on a group photography workshop in London. Whether you are complete beginner looking to get off auto, or an advanced photographer looking to learn something more technical such as wildlife photography or shutter speed creativity, Matthew has a workshop to suit your skill level.

1-to-1 Workshops

Is there a specific technique you are trying to master or a location you want to explore? Are you looking for a mentor as you transition into professional photography? 1-to-1 workshops offers complete flexibility, so Matthew can help you achieve your goals!

Photography Holidays

Matthew's photography holidays offer the chance to master photography while photographing fascinating subjects in extraordinary destinations! Imagine learning astrophotography under the northern lights on a frozen lake, or wildlife photography as a hummingbird flutters inches from your lens in Costa Rica. There are opportunities to learn landscape photography from a rocky outcrop at sunrise in Madagascar, experience travel portraiture while photographing traditional bear-skin carol singing in Romania and macro photography up close and personal with chameleons.

Gift Vouchers

Learning photography is a very personal journey. If you’re buying a workshop as a gift and you're not sure about experience or availability, then an open date or 1-to-1 gift voucher is a great option as it offers complete flexibility! I have workshops to suit all levels of photographer from beginners through to aspiring professional.
Get in Touch

If you are interested in joining a photography workshop or holiday, commissioning me for an upcoming project, licensing photos or absolutely anything at all, I would love to hear from you!

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