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Costa Rica Landscape & Wildlife Photography Holiday

£4,495 5-18 February 2024

This Costa Rica photography holiday offers the opportunity to learn wildlife, travel and landscape photography in one of the most biodiverse and beautiful countries. As we travel around the country, you will learn wildlife photography while face to face with hummingbirds and be up at first light to capture the beauty of the rainforest from hanging bridges high up in the canopy. The best place to find out more is by reading the write up from my recce trip, here.

This photography holiday is all about getting out there and taking LOTS of photos, practising and experimenting with newly learned techniques, tips and tricks in front of exciting subjects. By the end of the trip, you will feel confident about both technical and creative aspects of photography. You will further your photographic eye, develop a proactive photography mindset, allowing you to capture eye-catching and emotive photographs when traveling in the future. You will come away with stunning images, telling the story of this vibrant country.

When we are not out and about, I will provide feedback on photos taken during the day, as well as offering tutorials on editing, lightroom, organisation and output of images.

The wildlife photography and landscape photography opportunities in Costa Rica are truly inspiring and you will be certain to return with a beautiful portfolio of images.

You can explore more of my favourite photos of Costa Rica here.

Costa Rica
15 days
8 people max.
Beginner to Advanced
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