Argentina Travel Photography Highlights


Below is a collection of my favourite photos of Argentina taken from my recent trip, where I spent 6 weeks working with a company called Kallpa Tours. While I had briefs for some destinations, others were left more open, allowing me to photograph exactly what I wanted.

The trip started with a few days driving around the Salta Province of North Argentina. It is a stunning area where colourful rocks and canyons in the arid desert give way to the luscious Calchaquí Valley and delicious Cafayate Wine Region.

After this, it was onwards to the Mendoza Region for more wine tasting in Valle de Uco, to visit the unique National Parks of Talampaya (aka Death Valley) and Ischigualasto and to catch a glimpse of Aconcagua, South America’s highest mountain.

The next couple of weeks saw destinations as varied as Buenos Aires, Argentina’s largest city and Iguazu Falls in the remote northeast of the country.

The remainder of my time photographing in Argentina was spent in Patagonia; the most dramatic scenery and powerful weather I have experienced anywhere on my travels. While Ushuaia and Tierra del Fuego receive the award for being the southern-most destination, the award for most impressive scenery is a tough fight between the granite stacks of the Fitz Roy Massif at El Chalten and the creaking body of ice that is Perito Moreno Glacier. Ending the journey in the Lake District of Argentina was the cherry on top of an incredible cake!

If the photos below leave you wanting more, my full collection of photos of Argentina can be found in my Argentina travel photography archive.