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Produce South America Image Library for Wholesale Travel Operator


Produce a library of photos for wholesale tour operator Kallpa Tours of Argentina, Chile and Bolivia. The images are for use by Kallpa in their print and online advertising, and also by their clients to promote Kallpa trips. The library should include photos of Kallpa Tours trips, beautiful South American landscapes and the local culture.


Given the variety of subjects and destinations that Kallpa needed photos of, we settled on a 6 week trip taking in a combination of their most popular locations, and destinations they didn't have imagery of. We partnered with hotels and other suppliers to arrange unique experiences who in return were offered access to images.


This trip required a lot of planning to make a reality and teamwork, but I am really proud of the final results which have helped Kallpa Tours trips stand out against their competition. The trip was a perfect combination between organised shoots to capture specific experiences and complete freedom to scout out landscapes and chase amazing light, which is something I always feel makes photos infinitely more enticing! You can see more highlights in the galleries from Bolivia, Argentina and Chile. Please also feel free to check out my complete commercial photography portfolio.

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