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Puffins and Wildlife Photography Workshop Holiday

£895 21-23 May & 9-11 July 2024

This Skomer Island photography workshop offers the opportunity to learn wildlife photography in one of the UK’s most unique destinations. The obvious lure is the vast colony of Atlantic Puffins, which is the largest in southern Britain. Staying overnight allows for the opportunity to photograph the puffins at sunrise and sunset, when the light is most dramatic. All the day visitors leave by late afternoon, after which it is just the 20 or so people staying that remain on the island. What does that mean? Mostly, the only company you will have while photographing the puffins, is the wealth of other seabirds and wildlife the call Skomer Island home; Guillemots, Razorbills, Cormorants, Oystercatchers, Gulls, Rabbits and seals to name but a few!

This Puffin & wildlife photography workshop is suitable for anyone from complete beginners to advanced photographers. With plenty of time on the island, you will always receive plenty of 1-to-1 instruction. This trip is all about getting out there and taking LOTS of photos, practising and experimenting with newly learned techniques, tips and tricks in front of exciting subjects. By the end of the trip, you will feel confident about both technical and creative aspects of wildlife photography. You will further your photographic eye, develop a proactive photography mindset, and understand how to make the most of the available light allowing you to capture eye-catching and emotive photographs when photographing in the future. You will come away with stunning images that you can be proud of!

Skomer Island, Wales
3 days
7 people max.
Beginner to Advanced
  • Day 1: Meet 8am at West Hook Farm, before walking down to the ferry with our bags. The ferry leaves at 9am. While sightings of seabirds flying low across the water are a certainty, whether the dolphins make an appearance will be down to chance! After landing on the island, we will head for our accommodation (an uphill 15 minute walk, so pack light!) in the centre of the island at the converted farm buildings. Here, the wardens will give us an introductory talk and I will explain the best areas for the Puffins, Short-eared Owls, bathing gulls and meadow birds. We are then free to explore at our leisure, and will end the day with a sunset shoot at “The Wick”, which is the area of Skomer Island with the highest concentration of Puffins.
  • Day 2: For those happy to face an early alarm, we will head out pre-sunrise to capture photos of the varied wildlife that Skomer Island has to offer. Going out at the crack of dawn ensures we will make the most of the (hopefully) beautiful first light. Throughout the day, we will have time to explore the whole island, visiting North Haven, South Haven, Garland Stone, birds hides and the creatively named “High Cliff”! We will of course pay another visit to The Wick, Skomer’s most famous site.
  • Day 3: We have to catch a ferry off the island at 8.30am, but that still leaves us a couple of hours to head out and photograph the wildlife of Skomer one last time.

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Matthew is a London-based travel, landscape and wildlife photographer who's work has been recognised in Travel Photography of the Year on numerous occasions. He absolutely loves sharing his passion and to date has taught over 500 people on his workshops and photography holidays. Whether leading tours, shooting assignments or working on personal projects, he loves nothing more than getting out there and exploring the world with camera in hand and is excited to help you do the same!

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