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Night Photography, Light Trails and Shutter Speed Creativity Photography Workshop in London

£99 per person

If you love taking photos, but want to get to grips with using shutter speeds to produce more creative photos, then this is the photography workshop for you!

During the workshop you will learn about different types of panning, light trails, night photography, long exposures and intentional camera movement (ICM) with ‘in the field’ tutorials, allowing you to practise and experiment with newly learned techniques while photographing St Pauls Cathedral, Leadenhall Market and Tower Bridge, some of London’s most iconic locations.

At the same time as learning the technical side of using longer shutter speeds, we will talk a lot about the thought process of creating (not just taking) photos. I will offer tips on composition, guide your photographic eye and help you develop a proactive photography mindset, ensuring you can apply your new found skills to any given situation when photographing in the future.

Please note: I will always be happy to talk about any topic that you do not understand, however I recommend attending one of my beginners photography workshops prior to attending this one.

St Pauls to Tower Bridge, London
3 hours
8 people
Enthusiast to Advanced

No two days are exactly the same, as photography is all about the light. Some subjects suit cloudy days and others suit sunny days. In general though, this workshop will run as follows:

Meet: Close close to St Pauls Station. I will offer a brief overview of the session, before setting straight out to explore London with our cameras.

Part one: Photograph the area around St Pauls Cathedral. Just because it is a popular photography spot, doesn't mean we can't get great photos. The focus will be on using slow shutter speeds to create movement, experimenting with various types of panning, and discussing intentional camera movement (ICM). You will also be challenged to get creative with compositions, trying to capture something unique.

Part two: As we head towards Leadenhall Market there are lots of very photogenic buildings. With iconic London buses, taxis, and lots of people around, we will continue to focus on capturing movement to add some life to the images. In Leadenhall market you will have time to put these new ideas into practice.

Part three: Our final stop is Tower Bridge, where you will learn to use long exposures to create blurry water and, blurry clouds (if there are clouds around!). We will end the workshops by photographing light trails on Tower Bride, ensuring you go home with plenty of photos to be proud of!

Subjects Covered
  • How to do night photography
  • Experiment with panning in shutter speed priority mode
  • How to shoot light trails
  • Ways to use intentional camera movement (ICM)
  • Long exposures
  • ISO, aperture and shutter speed
  • Shooting in manual mode and aperture priority mode
  • Histogram and the importance of exposing to the right
  • Try out tips and tricks for eye-catching compositions
  • The importance of light and shooting at the best time of day
  • Conveying stories in your photographs
  • Focus modes and capturing sharp photos
  • Selecting the most appropriate equipment (although it is not about what equipment you have, it is how you use it!)

Meet your Photography Guide

Matthew is a London-based travel, landscape and wildlife photographer who's work has been recognised in Travel Photography of the Year on numerous occasions. He absolutely loves sharing his passion and to date has taught over 500 people on his workshops and photography holidays. Whether leading tours, shooting assignments or working on personal projects, he loves nothing more than getting out there and exploring the world with camera in hand and is excited to help you do the same!

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“Apart from Matthew’s unique talent as a Photographer, he has the gift of inspiring, encouraging and giving confidence to his pupils. He is generous in sharing both his knowledge and time with patience and understanding.” Jean Dance
“The London workshop was amazing! It was exactly what I needed to learn the basics of photography. Matthew is really friendly and a great teacher. While I was getting to grips with the basics, there were others in the group with a lot more experience, but he gave us all individual attention. A great teacher for all levels. I absolutely loved my day on Matthew’s course and would recommend it to anyone!” Freddie Waters

Frequently Asked Questions

Camera: Essential! Ideally a digital SLR or other camera that can be controlled manually.

Lenses: Standard lens (c18-55mm) essential, telephoto lens optional.

Tripod: Essential for long exposures during the sunset/night shoot and for doing light trails. Loan can be arranged.

Filters: Optional, but a 6 stop or 10 stop ND filter will come in useful.

Other: Wrap up warm if it is a cold day. The temperature drops quickly after the sun sets!

While not absolutely essential, I strongly suggest attending the 'Ultimate Introduction to Photography' workshop in Central London first.

Exact meet point will be provided on booking, but the workshop starts very close to St Pauls tube station and ends at Tower Bridge.

If you know what date they are available, you can book them straight onto a set date using the "Dates & Booking" button at the top of the page. If you don't know the exact dates, just can purchase an open dated gift voucher using the "Buy Gift Voucher" button on the gift vouchers page. Please make sure you enter the right value for the voucher (£99). They can then pick a date that suits. Vouchers are valid for 1 year.

Yes! I have taught over 300 people with a wide variety of cameras, so am familiar with all brands.

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