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Ecuador Travel Photography Misty Jungle Mashpi Cloud Forest in the Choco Rainforest Ecuador South America


This collection of Ecuador travel photography was created while photographing for Gentian Trails and capturing images for a solo exhibition titled 'Photographic Tales of Latin America'.

It is incredible how much this compact country has to offer. After admiring the impressive colonial buildings in Ecuador’s capital, Quito (built on the slopes of an active volcano!), you can be in the depths of the Amazon Jungle within an hour. Or for something different again, you can be summiting one of the numerous 5,000m+ volcanic peaks such as Cotopaxi Volcano, which towers over the collection of volcanoes that run almost the entire length of Ecuador, aptly named the ‘Avenue of Volcanoes’.

A curated selection of Ecuador prints are available in Matthew's photography print shop, but if you can't see the image you are after then just get in touch!

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