Bolivia Travel Photography Highlights


Below is a collection of my favourite photos of Bolivia compiled from my recent trip. I was fortunate enough to spend time both on commissions and photographing personal projects.

Bolivia is a beautiful country. Lake Titicaca in the North and the Uyuni Salt Flats and Altiplano region in the south are two of my favourite destinations that I visited in South America. Bolivia has a very raw side too, which is most apparent in the Potosi Silver Mines. I was in two minds about whether to visit here as I was worried about it feeling zoo-like. However, after finding a company run by ex miners, where profits are directed back to miners themselves, I decided to witness the mines first hand. This is genuinely the most terrifying and shocking thing I have ever witnessed and will never take my job for granted again. On top of all this, it is fascinating to see the differences between La Paz and Sucre, two of Bolivia’s most important cities; La Paz, being the largest, and Sucre being the capital.

If the photos below leave you wanting more, my full collection of photos of Bolivia can be found in my Bolivia travel photography archive.